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Introducing our Benfield Over 35s Team

Introducing the Newcastle Benfield Over 35s

Back Row:-  Liam McIvor, Mark Winton, John Pendlebury, John Grundy, Daniel Gray, Steve Hoggins, Martin Reah, Steven Murphy.

Front Row: – Kev Killing, Kev Butler, Andy Shaw, Stephen Barwick, Andy Melville, Marc Croan, Ashley Lawson, Chris Spence

Not Pictured:-  Rikki Donaldson, Sam McKenry, Steve McKenry, Peter Embleton, Chris Whitfield, Gary Rayne, Joseph Fulcher, Matthew Murray

We would like to introduce you to one of our newest teams for this season here at Newcastle Benfield Football Club, Our Over 35’s. The team was put together by Kevin Killing, Marc Croan, and player manager Chris Spence, and they play Monday nights in the North East Combinations Veterans League. 

The reason for putting together an Over 35’s was because we felt that there was quite a large gap between players leaving Northern league or Sunday League football and waiting until that day they can join an Over 40’s side, so this side is perfect for players who looking to keep up their fitness and continue to play regular competitive 11 a side football.

On behalf of the over 35’s, Newcastle Benfield FC would like to say huge thank you to our friends over at Hindley Circuits for sponsoring the team this season, providing them with strips and footballs. 

Chris and his side have had a good run of results since the team was formed, winning 6 out of their 10 games and averaging 4.1 goals scored per game. Our star forward John Grundy tops the scoring table. The squad also hosts 7 members of our junior coaching staff, which buys into our family ethos here at Benfield Football Club. 

The team have already brought home some silverware in their short time together. On Monday night they played in the plate final, beating Old Novos 7-0. Let’s hope their good run of form continues and they carry on bringing home that silverware. LET’S GO AGED LIONS!!!!!!!

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